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Sensible navigation which helps me to drive more convenient and faster.

ROUSEN is the first navigation software to incorporate an artificial intelligence engine.

It features an artificial intelligence function that automatically learns the user’s normal patterns, such as routes favored, most frequently searched data, and frequently used menus; it then reflects what it has learned into its route directions and UI, thereby opening up a whole new horizon in navigation software.

It offers better graphics, an ergonomically redesigned and scientific UI, easier-to-understand route information, detailed safety information (with the user’s best interests in mind), and reinforced themed subject groupings to enrich the search function.

Rousen is Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and mounted in a variety of platforms available navigation S/W.
PC, MID, PND, SmartPhone, PDA can be mounted all around the world through various OEM partners have provided in the
Together with the drive rousen of life can afford.

Available navigation software to use in various mobile tools. ROUSEN
Rousen 9 is the Navigation Software with the Most Current electronic map of whole Europe.

Rousen 9 has the design of the user interface that has been made for the convenience of the Driver as the highest priority above all, so the driver can arrive at the destination most comfortably.

Not only Rousen 9 has been made with the precise and efficient route searching, but also considered individual driver¡E¢c?s favors, which allows them to search the destination in a variety of ways and supports Trip Information, which can be recorded and playback.

Using the accident or construction information in real time with TMC Information, the Drivers can ignore those traffics and make their trip most enjoyable.
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