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08. Release new product “Rousen 3D”
04. Released Rousen 3D, multi-language version
02. Opened the official Rousen after-sales service center
12. Attracted investment from the Korea Development Bank
12. Cited by the Electronic Times for ‘Excellence in Marketing’ in the second half of 2007
11. Contract with Navteq over world wide map supply
11. UNIDEN OEM S/W supply
10. Released low-cost navigation system ‘NaviTron’
08. Released Intelligent Rousen R2
05. Released Rousen 1.6, Rousen PDA
03. ROUSEN China Release
04 Mio OEM S/W supply
04 Established a Vietnam subsidiary
01 Established a Chinese subsidiary
01 Established in China
11. Released SK Map data application version 1.2
09. Participated in CeBIT Asia 2006
06. Released ‘Rousen’, a new product, & participated in SEK2006
05. Entered into an agreement with ‘Navinfo,’ the Chinese map service provider
05. Entered into an MOU with Huaqi (華旗), and Tele Atlas
05. Contract with China map data company ‘Navinfo’
05. MOU conclusion with ‘Huaqi’
03. Entered into an MOU with Tele Atlas
10. PoketNavi 4.5 Development
08. Taiwan MiTAC Co., Ltd. Signed NDA for business
08. NDA agreement for business partnership with Taiwan MITAC
04. Corporate name change to CITUS
04. Car Navigation REO development
01. Release of PC Navigation S/W ez-guider III
12. Release of Linux, WinCE OS Pocket-NAVI Ⅱ
08. Release of PC Navigation S/W ez-guider Ⅱ
07. Release of PDA Navigation S/W Pocket-NAVI Ⅱ
07. PDA-based Real-time GIS Measurement S/W “HandyMap+”
02. Establishment of Geonspace
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