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Customer counseling center
* Operating hours : weekdays 09:00~18: 00
* Closed on : Sat, Sundays and holidays
* General Frequently Asked Questions.. [more]
E-Mail counseling
* Greetings! This is Citus customer center
* Please send us your inquiries to Contact Us We will reply promptly.
Callback service
To prevent customers from waiting for a long time to speak with a customer center representative, we offer a callback service.
If you tell us the nature of your complaint, we will call you back at a time of your choosing and provide you with a detailed response.
* Callback service available: from 9:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays.
* How to apply: Click Product Sites at the bottom, and apply for the callback service from the relevant customer center.
Remote Support Services
The remote support service is a service whereby the service representative connects directly to the customer's PC over the internet to check if there is anything wrong with the product. [Apply for remote support service]
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