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Subject What is the navigation path?
kind General Information Date 2009-04-03 Hits 3870

How to navigate the various paths Rousen can offer.

[Describe how to navigate the path]

Referral Path : Low speed roads crossing the easy path widened to drive

The shortest distance : Number of revolutions of the road, the width of the shortest path is not considered

High Priority : If you have to close the highway. Including highway routes(A highway that does not include the path too long)

General Priority : Vehicle-only roads, national highway, the highway's path, mainly

Including toll roads : Toll roads, including the path in exploring the search path

Destination directions : Consider the arrival direction of the destination set, the navigation

Paths : Path in exploring the search tab(Navigation 1 / Navigation 2 / Navigation 3 / Navigation 4 is set to automatic path search)

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