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Subject In some cases, if the GPS receiver how far do you have?
kind Treatment failure Date 2009-04-08 Hits 12988

- Tunnel, underground parking, an enclosed space or under big trees, big building, the GPS receiver below the weak out of the sky visible from this area normally is received.

- If you are affected by weather. For example, if the weather is cloudy or even in spring Dust Under the influence of heavy metals by the GPS receiver may be weakening.

- GPS receiver and put under the iron simyeon yulyi will improve GPS reception.

- If the lines are twisted or folded GPS receiver can weaken.

- EF Sonata Gold 2000 models have a universal GPS receiver can detect weak.
In this case, a GPS receiver mounted on the outside of the vehicle must be used.

- The windshield is tinted windshield angle or high vehicles, for example, bus and truck models have a GPS receiver can be weak.

- To interfere with GPS signal propagation from the vehicle is detected, the GPS receiver has gotten weak.

- GPS receivers used for a long time if you do not have a GPS receiver Cold Start (factory state) because of the satellite information is required to take a little time to occur.
Longer than 15 minutes is not enabled GPS receiver can occur.

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